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Welcome to Private guide Slovenia!

Planning a trip? Looking for an adventure? Wishing to learn more about Slovenia?
You are at the right spot! We will be happy to help you with all of the above and more.

For well over 20 years we have been on a mission to show Slovenia in a different way. Our aim has always been do go deeper and show our “clients” more than they would get on a standard tour. That is why we decided to do private tours. We can focus on any detail that you are curious about. 

We wrote clients in quotations for a reason. For the most part we became friends with the people we took on our tours and kept in touch after the tour was over. We plan to keep things in that way.

Get in touch if you plan to explore Slovenia in person, if not, there is plenty of interesting reading available in our “Blog” section.

Dobrodošli v Sloveniji!

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