A short update from Slovenia
10. November, 2020

Just a few sentences about what is going on in Slovenia and with us. We understand that you were occupied with a major event over the past couple of weeks and so were we. Now that it is all set and done (more or less) and as we are becoming more and more optimistic about 2021 and further we thought about sharing a few things with you. 

We have to start with the global topic. The situation in Slovenia was quite bad over the last couple of weeks. The number of positive tests spiked a few times to levels uncomfortable for such a small nation. Covid sections of the hospitals are getting close to capacity and we are running short on medical staff. Some institutions have called in retired nurses and doctors, there is also a number of students that have decided to step in an help, yet with the increasing numbers of medical staff infected it is a stressful situation. The “powers at be” worry most about the fact that there are several hot spots where thy seem not to be able to do enough to get the numbers down, sadly many of those are in the Assisted living facilities for the elderly. 
We will see how this unfolds, but the last information we have is giving us reason for optimism, namely over the last 5 days the totals of positive tests have been on a decline. You can imagine we are all keeping our fingers crossed.
Obviously the government has takes many measures to prevent the spread of the virus, so for the past three weeks we have been limited to our municipalities, one is not allowed to exit unless going to work or if there is a medical or other emergency. Schools are closed, nurseries are in operation, but on a limited scale. As we have seen in the spring most of the nonessential shops and services are closed, we have no information when they plan to open things up, but the speculation is, that it will not happen any time soon. There are pros and cons with this, both among the people and also the political scene, but for now the best we can do is to listen to the advice given by experts and act accordingly.

While we were complaining about the situation…
… there were at least two reasons for the nation to cheer and be proud. As we have mentioned in a post not too long ago we love sports and two athletes made us go crazy one more time in a span of less that one week. 
Tim Gajser (Image source: hondaproracing.com)
Tim Gajser
Wining his 4th MXGP title past Wednesday (11/04). 4th! Coming from Slovenia where motocross was never really a big sport. Well not it may become… His hard work and devotion is an inspiration to many, knowing that it all begun from relatively humble beginnings makes it an even more interesting story.
Well done Tim!
Primož Roglič (image source: EPA)
Primož Roglič
A former ski jumper, turned cyclist that developed a taste for yellow and red racing shirts after his ski jumping career ending fall. He just won “la Vuelta” a gruelling three week race in Spain, finished second just a few months earlier on the other famous race the “Tour de France” after being defeated by another Slovenian Tadej Pogačar. What an amazing year for both of them. You can find out more about Primož on this link.
There are several other sports people worth mentioning from Goran Dragic, who played in the NBA finals this year to Monika Hrastnik who won bronze in the European downhill championship in Leogang, Austria; Alenka Artnik who set the world record in CWT mono-fin Freediving, she reached an amazing depth of 114 meters (374ft), setting a new world record! The list could continue…
Image by Freepik

Final Stretch
Just before we part ways just a few things about Private guide Slovenia team.
We have been busy over the past couple of weeks, brainstorming ideas and putting plans together for a much more optimistic 2021. 
So what are we up to:

  • We have Episode 3 of our “Virtual series” almost done. We ventured outside municipality limits (following the rules and regulations) and the raw footage looks amazing. 
  • Tina, Ervin and Sašo, the core of the team are multitasking from being school teachers, parents, cooks, babysitters to attending Zoom conferences, writing blog posts, filming etc… There is no shortage of fun things to do. Gorazd, Gregor, Nejc, Nina and the rest of the crew are OK too.
  • Any big news for 2021?
    We are putting together a tour of Slovenia. Just Slovenia, for small groups that would like to learn more about our culture, nature, history, food and (of corse) wine. More information will follow.

Just one last thing. We would love to hear from you. May that be a comment about the videos, a question about the blog posts, tours or anything. We are here and happy to help with your curiosity. You can find us on both Facebook and Instagram, or just send us an eMail. 
Stay safe!