A short update from Slovenia
24. April, 2020

A short update from Slovenia

How we are coping with uncertainty during coronavirus
Source: The-Slovenia.com

It has been six weeks since Slovenia has ben put under quarantine. We have been bad about updating our blog in the past, now we have a lot of time, yet we “can not” make time for some things. The blog has been one of those. There is no point in making promises that we’ll post more, but we’ll try.


Photo: Billy Ellerman

Six weeks, huh?
A long time? Stressful?

No not at all. It is interesting how our lives changed over night as the government announced quarantine to prevent the spread of the virus. You can imagine professional tour guides feel like caged lions…

How is it? What is going on?

The big thing, that this quarantine has brought to us is that we are limited to movement only within our municipalities of residence. It is not strictly enforced, but the police and other authorities have been dispatched to several locations around the country checking people’s ID’s. As far as we know nobody had to pay a fine, although the powers at be have a legal chance to issue one. 400 EUR for traveling to another municipality… Truth be told, we as a nation, have been behaving responsibly. We understand that we are individually responsible for our health and the health of others.
As far as other limitations go, obviously all schools are closed and the same goes for shops. Quite a blessing for some, you can imagine. 🙂
We have been home schooling our sons for the past weeks, thus far we are managing quite nicely, our days are packed with activities. School work in the morning and exploring our area in the afternoons. It is fun to learn that we have been to so many places in Europe and the USA yet we have not visited some very interesting, fun and educative locations literary at our door step. There fill be a lot of fun stories to share with our future travellers for sure.

What awaits?

Nobody knows. The government has loosened some restrictions (more shops and some services are open), but for the time being our horizons are still limited to those of our municipalities. The kids will most likely not return to school this school year, with the exception of the generation finishing their high school education, they will have to do their final exams sometime mid-May.
There is also no news yet about travel bans being lifted, but we are preparing for both options. If international travel returns this year all our guides will be more than eager to go on tours, if not we plan to explore Slovenia in detail and prepare some new tours for the coming years. In any case it will be fun.
Stay tuned, we’ll try to keep you up to date with the developments here and our commentaries about the situation.
Take care!

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