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Harvest time

We got a phone call from our dear friend Boris Lisjak from Dutovlje the other day. He was asking if we had time on Sunday, since the weather forecast was nice and he still had a section of his vineyard that needed to be harvested as soon as possible.

Truth be told, it was a call we have been hoping for for a long time now. In the past years we could not go, since this was our busy tour time, but this year, things are different and we were more than happy to confirm.
We have picked grapes before and had a general idea of what to expect, but realised quickly that this will be nothing like what we have seen so far. The vineyard we had to harvest is on relatively flat terrain, allowing easy access with tractors, and for that reason Boris devised a special tractor trailer. So we did all of the “hard work” while seating down, enjoying in the sunshine. 

We were harvesting Cabernet Sauvignon. The clusters are compact, small berries with quite though skin. This vintage will be first available in year 2027. The vine will spend its first year in a large oak barrel, then it will be moved to a barrique barrel for four years and after that bottled and aged in a bottle for one more year. We will have to be patient before we can brag to our travellers that this vine is the result of our hard labour. 🙂
Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet Sauvignon.
Conversation flows on days like this. It is inevitable. Often enough friends and family will jump in for the harvest, but sometimes those friends know just the owner, but not each other. This was the case today, and I must say that I feel fortunate and privileged in a way. Why? Well, sat right next to me on the trailer was a living legend of Slovenian sports. Franc Kavčič-Kavka. If you do not know the name, do not worry. Most people in Slovenia don’t. Kavka is an all around athlete, from ultra marathons to mountaineering, you name it. I hope to catch him one day and share his adventures with you here. 
As the day is coming to a draw, sitting behind the computer and enjoying a glass of vine, writing this my respect of Boris, and other winemakers, is growing even more. Experiencing first hand the love, pride and passion that Boris and his family put in to the final product is an inspiration. 

Let me finish with the first verse of the Slovenian national anthem, written by France Prešeren:

The vintage, friends, is over
And here sweet wine makes, once again,
Sad eyes and hearts recover,
Puts fire in every vein,
Drowns dull care,
And summons hope out of despair.

Na zdravje!

Kavka in "action"
Gorgeous fruit
Well deserved
Waiting for next vintage